DojoX historically was an area for development of additional Dojo functionality. Over the years, many of the sub- packages and modules have taken dramatically different paths. With some packages becoming very mature, some still being highly experimental and some being essentially abandoned.

In the future (Dojo 2.0), the DojoX package and namespace will removed. Sub-Packages and modules will be either integrated into the Dojo Core, Dijit or separated as their own stand-alone package. For the 1.X code stream though, in order to ensure backwards compatibility, all these packages are contained within the dojox namespace and package.

There are several different statuses for sub-packages and modules:

  • Mature - This package or module is considered mature and is being actively developed and maintained by committers within the Dojo Toolkit. It is expected that it will persist into the foreseeable future.
  • Experimental - This package or module is experimental, while it is being actively developed and maintained, the API may change in the future and developers should be cautious about depending on the API remaining unchanged or the code continuing to persist in the future.
  • Maintained - This code is being actively maintained, but may or may not persist into Dojo 2.0.
  • Deprecated - This code is being actively maintained for backwards compatibility purposes, but a decision has been made that this package will not persist into Dojo 2.0.
  • Abandoned - This code is not being actively maintained anymore. End developers may have difficulty using this code in current and future versions of the Dojo Toolkit. Patches are usually welcome for bug fixes, but it is highly unlikely new features or enhancements will be considered.

The following tables provides an overview of the sub-packages and modules in DojoX. It is important to note though, that the definitive status of each part of the code is contained in the source codes README file within the sub-package’s directory.

Website/WebApp Infrastructure

Package/Module Status Description
dojox/analytics Experimental Analytics and client monitoring system. Including the base analytics system and any number of plugins enables logging of different system data back to the server.
dojox/app Mature A small application framework providing a set of classes to manage the the life-cycle and behavior of a single page application delivered to a mobile or desktop platform.
dojox/collections Mature Modules used to provide more functionality around common types of collections.
dojox/dnd Experimental Extending and augmenting dojo/dnd.
dojox/dtl Experimental The Dojo implementation of the Django Template Language
dojox/gesture Experimental Platform neutral gesture support.
dojox/mdnd Experimental An alternative Drag and Drop solution that does not use avatars when dragging items.
dojox/mvc Experimental Abstraction classes to utilize a Method View Controller framework with Dojo.
dojox/storage Abandoned Provides persistent storage in the browser.
dojox/wire Abandoned A framework for wiring visual objects to data.
dojox/wire/ml Abandoned A markup language for wiring the objects to the data.


Package/Module Status Description
dojox/mobile Mature A mobile framework built on top of Dojo and Dijit
dojox/mobile/app Deprecated Use dojox/app instead.


Package/Module Status Description
dojox/lang Maintained Various language extensions.
dojox/lang/aspect Maintained More full featured aspect based programming not covered in dojo/aspect.
dojox/lang/async Maintained Helpers for event driven programming
dojox/lang/functional Maintained Provides lambda functions and common functional operations
dojox/lang/observable Deprecated Covered by dojo/Stateful
dojox/lang/oo Maintained Provides mixers to support traits and mixins for object- oriented programming.
dojox/rails Abandoned This is a dojo plugin for Rails 3.x UJS support.

Graphics and Effects

Package/Module Status Description
dojox/av Experimental Audio and video capabilities to the Open Web. Wraps common media types (Flash and Quicktime) and provides easy to use objects to accomplish basic A/V tasks.
dojox/drawing Experimental A package that builds on top of dojox/gfx to be able to create and save vector based drawings.
dojox/flash Experimental Infrastructure for high-performance Flash/JavaScript communication
dojox/fx/easing Deprecated Use dojo/fx/easing instead.
dojox/fx/ext-dojo/complex Maintained Extends dojo/_base/fx::animateProperty() to be able to handle more complex property adjustments, specifically those related to CSS3.
dojox/fx/ext-dojo/NodeList-style Maintained Extends NodeList with the features of dojox/fx/style.
dojox/fx/ext-dojo/NodeList Maintained Extends NodeList with the features of the rest of dojox/fx
dojox/fx/ext-dojo/reverse Maintained Extends dojo/_base/fx::Animation with the ability to easily reverse an animation.
dojox/fx/flip Experimental Animate a node flipping following a specific direction.
dojox/fx/scroll Experimental Returns an animation that will smooth-scroll to a node.
dojox/fx/Shadow Experimental Adds a drop-shadow to a node.
dojox/fx/split Maintained Various animations that take a node, split it and animated it.
dojox/fx/style Experimental Allows for animations based on normalized CSS definitions.
dojox/fx/text Maintained A set of animations used for animating text blocks.
dojox/fx/Timeline Maintained Allow for a complex animations based on an array of “keyframes”.
dojox/gfx Mature The platform independent Dojo graphics libraries.
dojox/gfx3d Experimental A simple portable 3D graphics library.
dojox/image Maintained Provides a common API for images
dojox/image/Badge Experimental A simple grid of Images that loops through thumbnails
dojox/image/FlickrBadge Maintained A simple grid of Images that loops through thumbnails from a Flickr account
dojox/image/Gallery Abandoned A gallery widget
dojox/image/Lightbox Experimental A dojo-based Lightbox implementation.
dojox/image/LightboxNano Experimental A simple “nano” version of the lightbox.
dojox/image/Magnifier Maintained Adds magnification on a portion of an image element, using dojox/gfx
dojox/image/MaginfierLite Experimental Adds magnification on a portion of an image element
dojox/image/SlideShow Abandoned A Slideshow Widget
dojox/image/TumbnailPicker Abandoned A scrolling Thumbnail Picker widget
dojox/sketch Experimental A cross-browser drawing editor based on dojox/gfx

Data Visualization

Package/Module Status Description
dojox/charting Mature Charting capabilities built on top of dojox/gfx.
dojox/dgauges Mature Gauges widget framework, deprecates dojox/gauges.
dojox/gantt Maintained A gantt type charting widget.
dojox/gauges Deprecated Replaced by dojox/dgauges.
dojox/geo/charting Experimental Map based dojox/charting type widgets.
dojox/geo/openlayers Experimental Modules for using OpenLayers mapping APIs.
dojox/treemap Experimental A data visualization widget.


Package/Module Status Description
dojox/data Deprecated The dojo/data API which all the dojox/data modules are based off of is deprecated. If these stores persist they will be rewritten to work off of the dojo/store API.
dojox/data/AndOrReadStore Deprecated Extends ItemFileReadStore to provide AND/OR query formats
dojox/data/AndOrWriteStore Deprecated Extends ItemFileWriteStore to provide AND/OR query formats
dojox/data/AppStore Deprecated A datastore that implements full read, write and identify APIs for working with ATOM documents. The store uses the full APP protocol.
dojox/data/AtomReadStore Deprecated Reads Atom XML documents.
dojox/data/CdfStore Abandoned Used for interfacing with Tibo GI and requires Tibco’s JSX3 JavaScript Library
dojox/data/ClientFilter Deprecated This is an abstract data store module for adding updatable result set functionality to an existing data store class.
dojox/data/CouchDBRestStore Deprecated Builds on JsonRestStore to provide connectivity to CouchDB
dojox/data/CssClassStore Deprecated Allows the searching/querying over CSS classes defined in a page in a browser.
dojox/data/CssRuleStore Deprecated Allows the searching/querying over CSS rules loaded in a page in a browser.
dojox/data/CsvStore Deprecated Comma-Separated text datastore implementation.
dojox/data/FileStore Deprecated A specific implementation providing a lazy-loading store of file system type objects.
dojox/data/FlickrRestStore Deprecated  
dojox/data/FlickrStore Deprecated Data store driven by public API.
dojox/data/GoogleFeedStore Deprecated  
dojox/data/GoogleSearchStore Deprecated Datastore that interfaces to Google’s AJAX search services
dojox/data/HtmlStore Deprecated Reads arbitrary HTML to be used as a datastore, including tables, ordered and un-ordered lists and lists of <div> elements.
dojox/data/HtmlTableStore Deprecated Datastore specifically designed for reading HTML tables.
dojox/data/ItemExplorer Abandoned  
dojox/data/JsonQueryRestStore Deprecated  
dojox/data/JsonRestStore Deprecated A store that interfaces with JSON RESTful services. This been superseded by data/store/JsonRest
dojox/data/KeyValueStore Deprecated A datastore that mimics a key/value property file format.
dojox/data/OpenSearchStore Deprecated A datastore that implements OpenSearch provider search capability.
dojox/data/OpmlStore Deprecated Datastore for reading OMPL formatted data.
dojox/data/PersevereStore Deprecated Builds on JsonRestStore to provide connectivity to Persevere
dojox/data/PicasaStore Deprecated A datastore interface to one of the basic services of the Picasa service, the public photo feed.
dojox/data/QueryReadStore Deprecated  
dojox/data/RailsStore Deprecated A datastore for interacting with RESTful Rails controllers
dojox/data/S3Store Deprecated Builds on JsonRestStore to provide connectivity to Amazon S3
dojox/data/ServiceStore Deprecated A read only datastore that provides an interface to an RPC service.
dojox/data/StoreExplorer Abandoned  
dojox/data/WikipediaStore Deprecated A datastore interface to Wikipedia, using the Wikipedia SMD spec from dojox/rpc.
dojox/data/XmlStore Deprecated Datastore for handling XML based services or documents.
dojox/data/util/JsonQuery Deprecated Mixin that converts object attribute queries to JSONQuery/ JSONPath syntax to be sent to the server.


Package/Module Status Description
dojox/atom Experimental An implementation of the ATOM document format in a JavaScript model and a full Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) IO library for working with ATOM feeds.
dojox/io/httpParse Maintained Parses an HTTP stream for a message.
dojox/io/OAuth Maintained Helper singleton for signing any kind of Ajax request using the OAuth 1.0 protocol.
dojox/io/scriptFrame Deprecated Replaced with dojo/request
dojox/io/windowName Deprecated Replaced with dojo/request
dojox/io/xhrMultiPart Deprecated Replaced with dojo/request
dojox/io/xhrPlugins Deprecated Functionality now covered in dojo/request/registry
dojox/io/proxy/xip Maintained XHR IFrame Proxy
dojox/rpc Maintained Extra utilities for dojo/rpc
dojox/socket/Reconnect Abandoned Provides a WebSocket with fallback to HTTP long-polling
dojox/xmpp Abandoned An XMPP (Jabber/GTalk) implementation.

Widgets and Forms

Package/Module Status Description
dojox/calc Maintained Graphing calculator project.
dojox/calendar Mature A complex calendaring widget the provides the ability to create and manage events.
dojox/editor/plugins Various Several Plugins for the dojox/editor/Editor
dojox/form/BusyButton Maintained A button the provides visual feedback when it is activated.
dojox/form/CheckedMultiSelect Maintained Allows options in a MultiSelect to be selected by a checkbox.
dojox/form/DateTextBox Experimental A validating, serializable, range-bound date text box with a popup calendar.
dojox/widget/DayTextBox Experimental A validating, serializable, range-bound date text box with a popup calendar that contains just months.
dojox/form/DropDownSelect Deprecated Use dijit/form/Select instead.
dojox/form/DropDownStack Maintained Used for “selectable” multiforms.
dojox/form/FileInput Experimental An <input type="file"> form widget, with a button for uploading to be styled via CSS, a cancel button to clear selection.
dojox/form/FileInputAuto Experimental An extension on FileInput providing background upload progress
dojox/form/FileInputBlind Deprecated Use dojox/form/FileInputAuto instead.
dojox/form/FilePickerTextBox Maintained A validating text box tied to a file picker popup
dojox/form/FileUploader Deprecated Use dojox/form/Uploader instead.
dojox/form/ListInput Experimental An automatic list maker.
dojox/form/Manager Maintained The widget to orchestrate dynamic forms.
dojox/widget/MonthTextBox Experimental A validating, serializable, range-bound date text box with a popup calendar that contains only months.
dojox/form/MultiComboBox Experimental A ComboBox that accepts multiple inputs on a single line.
dojox/form/PasswordValidator Maintained A password validation widget that simplifies the “old/new/verify” style of requesting passwords.
dojox/form/RadioStack Maintained A radio-based select stack.
dojox/form/RangeSlider Maintained A form widget that allows one to select a range with two draggable images.
dojox/form/Rating Maintained A widget for rating using stars.
dojox/form/TimeSpinner Maintained This widget is the same as a normal NumberSpinner, but for the time component of a date object instead.
dojox/form/TriStateCheckBox Maintained Checkbox with three states.
dojox/form/Uploader Experimental A widget that creates a stylable file-input button, with optional multi-file selection, using only HTML elements.
dojox/widget/YearTextBox Experimental A validating, serializable, range-bound date text box with a popup calendar that contains only years.
dojox/grid Deprecated A grid widget package. Replaced by dgrid or gridx.
dojox/layout/BorderContainer Deprecated Covered by dijit/layout/BorderContainer
dojox/layout/ContentPane Maintained An extended version of dijit/layout/ContentPane that supports running infile JavaScript.
dojox/layout/Dock Experimental A widget that attaches to a node and keeps track of incoming / outgoing FloatingPanes and handles layout
dojox/layout/dnd Abandoned Enhancements to dojo/dnd.
dojox/layout/DragPane Maintained Makes a pane’s content draggable by/within it’s surface
dojox/layout/ExpandoPane Experimental An experimental collapsing-pane for dijit/layout/BorderContainer
dojox/layout/ext-dijit/layout Abandoned This core functionality is now available in Dijit.
dojox/layout/FloatingPane Maintained A non-modal Floating window.
dojox/layout/GridContainer Maintained A grid containing any kind of object and acting like a web portals.
dojox/layout/GridContainerLite Maintained The GridContainerLite is a container of child elements that are placed in a kind of grid.
dojox/layout/RadioGroup Experimental An enhancement to the dijit/layout/StackContainer
dojox/layout/ResizeHandle Experimental A draggable handle used to resize an attached node.
dojox/layout/RotatorContainer Maintained An enhanced StackContainer that automatically transitions between its ContentPanes.
dojox/layout/ScrollPane Experimental A pane that “scrolls” its content based on the mouse position inside.
dojox/layout/TableContainer Experimental A container that lays out its child widgets in a table layout.
dojox/layout/ToggleSplitter Experimental A draggable and clickable spacer between two items in a dijit.layout.BorderContainer.
dojox/widget Maintained [desc]
dojox/widget/AnalogGauge Abandoned Replaced with dojox/dgauges
dojox/widget/AutoRotator Maintained A rotator that automatically transitions between child nodes.
dojox/widget/BarGauge Abandoned Replaced with dojox/dgauges
dojox/widget/Calendar Maintained The standard Calendar. It includes day and month/year views.
dojox/widget/Calendar2Pane Maintained A Calendar with two panes, the second one containing both month and year.
dojox/widget/Calendar3Pane Maintained A Calendar with three panes, includes day, month, and year views.
dojox/widget/CalendarFisheye Maintained The standard Calendar. It includes day, month and year views. FisheyeLite effects are included.
dojox/widget/CalendarFx Maintained The visual effects extensions for dojox/widget/Calendar.
dojox/widget/ColorPicker Experimental A HSV color picker
dojox/widget/DailyCalendar Maintained A calendar with only a daily view.
dojox/widget/DataPresentation Abandoned A widget that connects to a data store in a simple manner and visualizes data.
dojox/widget/Dialog Maintained An enhanced version of dijit/Dialog.
dojox/widget/DialogSimple Maintained An simple enhancements of dijit/Dialog.
dojox/widget/DocTester Abandoned A widget to run DocTests inside an HTML page.
dojox/widget/DynamicTooltip Abandoned Extension of dijit/Tooltip providing content set via XHR request via href param.
dojox/widget/FeedPortlet Abandoned A Portlet that loads a XML feed.
dojox/widget/FilePicker Abandoned A pane to display the information for the currently-selected file
dojox/widget/FisheyeList Maintained Menu similar to the fish eye menu on the Mac OS.
dojox/widget/FisheyeListItem Maintained Menu item inside of a FisheyeList.
dojox/widget/FisheyeLite Experimental A Light-weight Fisheye Component, or an enhanced version of dojo/fx/Toggler.
dojox/widget/Iterator Abandoned A widget that iterates the contents of a datastore.
dojox/widget/Loader Abandoned A configurable global XHR-listener to display a loading message during running XHRs or to simply provide base-level topic to subscribe to for custom loading messages.
dojox/widget/MonthAndYearlyCalendar Maintained A calendar with only a daily view.
dojox/widget/MonthlyCalendar Maintained A calendar with only a month view.
dojox/widget/MultiSelectCalendar Experimental A simple GUI for choosing several dates in the context of a monthly calendar.
dojox/widget/Pager Experimental A Pager, displaying a list of sized nodes
dojox/widget/PlaceholderMenuItem Experimental A menu item that can be used as a placeholder.
dojox/widget/Portlet Maintained A container widget that is designed to be contained in a dojox/layout/GridContainer.
dojox/widget/PortletDialogSettings Maintained A settings widget to be used with a dojox/widget/Portlet.
dojox/widget/PortletSettings Maintained A settings widget to be used with a dojox/widget/Portlet.
dojox/widget/Roller Maintained A simple widget to take an unordered-list of Text and roll through them.
dojox/widget/RollingList Abandoned A rolling list that can be tied to a data store with children.
dojox/widget/Rotator Abandoned A widget for rotating through child nodes using transitions.
dojox/widget/Selection Maintained Base class for widgets that manage a list of selected data items.
dojox/widget/SortList Abandoned A sortable unordered-list with a fixed header.
dojox/widget/Standby Experimental A widget designed to act as a Standby/Busy/Disable/Blocking widget to indicate a particular DOM node is processing and cannot be clicked on at this time.
dojox/widget/TitleGroup Maintained A container which controls a series of dijit/TitlePane, allowing one to be visible and hiding siblings.
dojox/widget/Toaster Maintained Message that slides in from the corner of the screen, used for notifications like “new email”.
dojox/widget/UpgradeBar Experimental Shows a bar at the top of the screen when the user is to be notified that they should upgrade their browser or a plugin.
dojox/widget/Wizard Maintained A set of panels that display sequentially, typically notating a step-by-step procedure like an install.
dojox/widget/YearlyCalendar Maintained A calendar with only a year view.

Utility Modules

Package/Module Status Description
dojox/color Maintained Enhancements to dojo/color.
dojox/css3 Experimental Wrappers for common CSS3 animations.
dojox/date/buddhist Mature Provides support for Buddhist dates.
dojox/date/hebrew Mature Provides support for Hebrew dates.
dojox/date/islamic Mature Provides support for Islamic dates.
dojox/date/umalqura Mature Provides support for Um AlQura dates.
dojox/date/php Experimental Utilities for handling PHP styled dates.
dojox/date/posix Experimental Utilities for handling POSIX strftime formatted dates.
dojox/date/relative Experimental Utilities for handling relative dates.
dojox/date/timezone Experimental Dojo port of fleegix date plugin.
dojox/embed Experimental Wrappers for handling <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags
dojox/encoding Experimental Modules routines for common encoding algorithms.
dojox/help Abandoned Console extensions to allow access to available help resources
dojox/highlight Maintained Syntax highlighting library.
dojox/html Maintained Less frequently used HTML functions and features.
dojox/jq Abandoned A JQuery API compatibility layer.
dojox/json/query Maintained A comprehensive object data query tool.
dojox/json/ref Maintained JSON Referencing capable serializer and deserializer.
dojox/json/schema Maintained An object validation tool based on JSON Schema.
dojox/jsonPath Abandoned A query system similar in idea to xpath, for for JavaScript objects.
dojox/math Maintained Various math handling routines
dojox/NodeList/delegate Maintained Extends the NodeList with a delegate() feature.
dojox/robot/recorder <dojox/robot> Experimental Semi-automates the creation of DOH robot test scripts.
dojox/secure Abandoned A collection of utilities for working with untrusted data and code.
dojox/sql Abandoned Code to interface with the Google Gears-specific SQL engine.
dojox/string Maintained Various modules/routines for enhanced string handling.
dojox/testing/DocTest Maintained A port of Python’s DocTests module.
dojox/timing Experimental A framework to deal with advanced timing constructs.
dojox/uuid Maintained A library capable of generating UUIDs.
dojox/validate Maintained Various validation functions that can be used for form validation.
dojox/xml Maintained Various XML utilities.

See Also

  • dojo - The core package of Dojo Toolkit.
  • dijit - The main widget package of Dojo Toolkit.
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