Authors:Marcus Reimann
Developers:Bryan Forbes, Sam Foster, Mike Wilcox, Nathan Toone, Jared Jurkiewicz

dojox.html offers additional HTML helper functions.


  • New in 1.4 dojox.html.ellipsis

    Adds cross-browser support for a “dojoxEllipsis” class.

    • To use, include the ellipsis.css file and dojo.require(“dojox.html.ellipsis”);
    • To function properly - the parent node of the desired ellipsis-ized node should have a defined width
    • NOTE: When using the dojoxEllipsis class within tables, the table needs to have the table-layout: fixed style
    • NOTE: The dojoxEllipsis class should be placed on a block element (such as a div) and will not work on td elements
  • New in 1.4 dojox.html.entities

    Adds support for encoding and decoding HTML/XML entity characters in text. Also provides basic mappings of character to entity encoding for HTML and LATIN (8859-1), special characters. For information on entities see: Entity Reference and Latin (8859-1) Entities

    • To use dojo.require(“dojox.html.entities”);
    • you now have access to entity array mappings for HTML (dojox.html.entities.html) and LATIN-1 (dojox.html.entities.latin)
    • To encode a string with default encodings (HTML and LATIN-1) you do: str = dojox.html.entities.encode(str);
    • To decode a string with default encodings (HTML and LATIN-1) you do: str = dojox.html.entities.decode(str);
    • For more information, please see the entities documentation.
  • New in 1.4 dojox.html.format

    Adds utility functions in for formatting HTML.

    • To use dojo.require(“dojox.html.format”);
    • you now have access to a prettyPrint function, one that takes a string of HTML text and tries to format it so that it is easily human readable.
  • dojox.html.metrics

    Translate CSS values to pixel values, calculate scrollbar sizes and font resizes

    • Formerly private to dojox.gfx, now available in dojox.html
    • Includes translation of relative CSS values (such as medium, small, x-small, etc.) to actual pixel values
    • Translate other CSS units (such as em, pt) to pixel values
    • Scrollbar sizes (width and height)
    • Ability to detect font resizing
  • dojox.html.set

    A generic content setter, including adding new stylesheets and evaluating scripts (was part of ContentPane loaders, now separated for generic usage)

  • dojox.html.styles

    Insert, remove and toggle CSS rules as well as search document for style sheets

    • Insert and remove CSS rules.
    • Search document for style sheets.
    • Toggle sheets on and off (based on the W3C spec).

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