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The DojoX Color project both adds functionality to dojo.color and includes a pair of modules for generating color palettes (dojox.color.Palette) as well as advanced colorspace functions (dojox.color.Colorspace), making more advanced functionality available for use.

dojox.color.Palette will generate a set of colors based on a single color and a chosen color theory rule.

dojox.color.Colorspace provides a slew of functionality to convert colors to various advanced models (such as XYZ, xyY, Lab, Luv, LCHab) as well as working with various color profiles (such as Adobe RGB, ColorMatch RGB, NTSC, PAL and more).

Including the dojox.color module will add the following functions to dojo.color, with an alias to dojox.color and dojox.color.Color:

var c = dojox.color.fromCmy(c, m, y);
var c = dojox.color.fromCmyk(c, m, y, k);
var c = dojox.color.fromHsl(h, s, l);
var c = dojox.color.fromHsv(h, s, v);

// myColor is an instance of dojo.Color.
var cmy = myColor.toCmy();
var cmyk = myColor.toCmyk();
var hsl = myColor.toHsl();
var hsv = myColor.toHsv();

Note that these are the most common color models (other than RGB, which is implemented by dojo.Color); the methods should be self-explanatory except that Lightness (l) and Value (v) expect values from 0-100 and not 0-1. To create a dojo.Color or dojox.color.Color instance, use the from methods, directly on dojox.color; to convert an existing dojo.Color or dojox.color.Color object to a specific model, use the to methods.

For more information on the Palette, please visit the Palette page.

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