Project owner:Nathan Toone

A rolling list that can be tied to a data store with children


The rolling list provides a structured scrolling view into a data store and its children. It is similar to how many pane-based file browsing widgets behave.

Since the rolling list leverages dijit.Menu, it is mostly accessible. However, full accessibility testing has not yet been performed on this widget.


Creating a rolling list is very simple - at the very minimum, just requiring a valid datastore. It also supports the api - so changes to the store will be reflected in the rolling widget.

Other options that you may find useful:
  • onChange function will get fired when the value of the widget changes
  • store the store to get data from
  • query the query to use when fetching data
  • queryOptions any query options you want to pass on as well when fetching
  • childrenAttrs an array of attributes to use as “children” nodes
  • parentAttr an optional attribute to use as a pointer to the parent of a node. If this is not specified, then the parent will be determined by finding the first element whose children attribute contains the node in question.
  • New in 1.3 preloadItems either a boolean (true/false) or a number indicating the number of items that we are willing to preload. This exists to make it easier to load items with large numbers of children lazily.
  • New in 1.3 executeOnDblClick set to true (the default) to call onExecute() when the user double-clicks an item. Set to false if your popup will call onExecute() on its own.
  • New in 1.3 showButtons set to true to show “OK” and “Cancel” button that call onExecute and onCancel, respectively (default false)
  • New in 1.3 okButtonLabel and cancelButtonLabel set to a string you want the ok (or cancel) button to use. By default, the localized “OK” and “Cancel” strings will be used.
  • New in 1.3 minPaneWidth the minimum width (in pixels) that each pane must be. The panes are expanded to be this width if they are any narrower than it


TODOC You can extend the rolling list by creating different panes. All panes must extend dojox.widget._RollingListPane.


A simple rolling list pulling data from a read store


// alert("stall");
// dojo.ready(function(){

//    dojo.declare("dojox.widget.RollingStore",, {
//        getLabel: function(item){
//            return this.inherited(arguments) + " (" + this.getValue(item, "type") + ")";
 //       }
//    });
<div data-dojo-type="" data-dojo-id="continentStore"
<div data-dojo-type="dojox.widget.RollingList" data-dojo-id="myList" id="myList"
    data-dojo-props="store:continentStore, query:{type:'continent'}" style="height:150px;"></div>
@import "{{baseUrl}}dojox/widget/RollingList/RollingList.css";
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