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This Week in Dojo: New Tutorials, Mobile Showcase and more

In the past three weeks SitePen engineers have released a flurry of new tutorials (13 and counting) including two tutorials focused on building Web Apps using Dojo Mobile!

Speaking of Dojo Mobile

There is now a Dojo Mobile Showcase which shows the various widgets available in Dojo 1.6 and gives a glimpse at what’s coming in Dojo 1.7.


Boilerplates are all the rage these days, and sure you can get a sweet HTML5 boilerplate but what about Dojo? Stepping up to the plate is Rebecca Murphy and Colin Snover with their initial release of their Dojo 1.6 boilerplate!

Dojo 1.6 Released!

Now available, and ready for your web app!

The Dojo 1.6 release was a substantial undertaking and involves efforts from the largest Dojo team ever. We’re reinventing Dojo for the present and the future, and this release is the first major step towards our plans for Dojo 2.0. The tremendous efforts and work of the Dojo community has made this release possible, with significant improvements in a short amount of time.

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What’s New in 1.6?

Dojo 1.6 contains a number of great additions and refinements. Key highlights include:

We’ve also made substantial progress on Dojo Mobile, available now for your mobile web apps!

Visit the new Dojo Features section to watch interviews with key Dojo committers and users and learn more about this release, as well as the thousands of outstanding features that have been in Dojo for several years.

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Testing and Compatibility

In total, we’ve resolved more than 600 issues since Dojo 1.5. The DOH test suite of tens of thousands of tests passes in all officially supported browsers:

  • Chrome: 8.x and newer
  • Firefox: 3.5.x and 3.6.x
  • Internet Explorer: 6, 7, and 8
  • Opera: 11.x
  • Safari: 4.1.x and 5.0.x

The code was completed before Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 were released. That said, we’ve fixed all known issues with these browsers as well (testing was done with IE9 RC and Firefox 4 RC1).

Dojo is also tested with popular mobile browsers including iOS 4.x, Android 2.x and 3.x, and passes for all supported features in Dojo Mobile, and most features throughout Dojo. Work is also near completion for support with Blackberry 6 on mobile phones and the PlayBook.

Use Direct from the CDN, or Download

Get the Dojo release that’s right for you. Choose from CDN, optimized builds, or source versions with full demos and utilities.

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Many improvements have been made to the Dojo documentation. Most notable is a collection of new tutorials on using Dojo 1.6, in addition to the reference guide and API documentation.



Work on Dojo 1.7 is already underway. We’re anticipating releases every 3 months in 2011 as we make progress towards Dojo 2.0! A full roadmap will be available shortly so you’re aware of the latest changes, and to know how to get involved.

Release Notes

Read the complete Dojo 1.6 release notes for full details on everything that has changed with Dojo since 1.5.


And as always, we appreciate your interest and usage. If you find an issue with Dojo, have a suggestion, or see anything on the site or within the documentation that you think should be better, please register for a Dojo Foundation account and open a ticket.

Dojo, Eye-Fi, and CES

Long-time Dojo user Eye-Fi was at CES in Las Vegas showing our their current wi-fi enabled SD memory card and photo sync services.

Here’s a video interview where they show off the camera and application, and discuss the benefits of using Dojo within their platform, as they transitioned from a traditional web app to an AIR-based application:

Additional commentary and context is available at TheNextWeb’s post on how to Upload pictures straight from your digital camera to your social networks.

Great work by the Eye-Fi team, in creating an amazing hardware+software platform for simplifying the photo sync process, with the Dojo Toolkit as a key component in that effort!

Large Scale Apps, New Examples, API Viewer

A few quick updates in case you don’t obsessively follow @dojo on Twitter.

Large Scale Apps

There are a pair of recent posts about using Dojo for building large scale apps:

  • Kris Zyp of SitePen, Dojo, and Persevere talks about how to go from jQuery to large applications, showing how to sprinkle Dojo features on top of jQuery applications.
  • Mike Woloszynowicz, a developer currently using Dojo in a large-scale project, writes an informative article about his Dojo lessons from the trenches

Both are worth reading for regular Dojo users, and for anyone considering Dojo for their project.

Some Simple Examples

Unless you like watching paint dry, you probably didn’t notice a few of the subtle changes made to the Dojo web site. On the home page, a pair of the items on the left side now link to simple live examples that show off the power of Dojo: Grids and Charts, and Rich UI Widgets. Thanks to David Walsh, Tom Trenka, Torrey Rice, Dustin Machi, and Chris Anderson from SitePen for helping implement these updates, as well as many other refinements throughout the site.

API Viewer Updates

The Dojo Toolkit API Viewer has received some much needed love, and has significant improvement in navigation, contains docs for Dojo versions 1.5, 1.4, and 1.3, and just looks so much better. Yes, the docs themselves have been improving as well. Check it out, and help us make the docs even better. Thanks to many in the Dojo community for helping with this effort, including Tom Trenka and Peter Higgins.