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Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting via CDN

You can utilize the full Dojo Toolkit from the services by including a script tag in your page:

  • <script src="//"></script>

    Copy and paste into your webpage and read the Hello Dojo tutorial.


Download 1.10.4

  • Dojo Toolkit Release:

This download is ideal for situations where a custom build will not be required. This archive contains the full Dojo, Dijit, and DojoX projects, compressed and optimized for immediate deployment. All non-essential files have been removed from this distribution including tests and demonstrations.

  • Dojo Base:

    A single-file download providing only the base Dojo APIs. Stable, reliable, professional tools for Ajax, events, packaging, CSS-based querying, animations, JSON, language utilities ... and that’s just the beginning!



  • Dojo Toolkit SDK 1.10.4:

A full, uncompressed source release of the Dojo Toolkit -- ideal for development. Package contains all the tools needed to build, document, test, and develop with Dojo. All unit tests and functional demos are included in this release.