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Dojo Mobile is a world class HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework that enables rapid development of mobile web applications with a native look and feel on modern webkit-enabled mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and RIM smartphones and tablets.

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Forms & Data

Dojo includes a new set of components designed from scratch with mobile in mind, including forms and databinding. Switches, Sliders, Lists, Actions etc.

MVC - DataBinding & App Controller

Dojo Mobile is now integrated with the new MVC and Application Controller packages.

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Beautiful Themes


Mobile themes are optimized for performance, using the latest techniques, such as CSS3 icons.

Native Look

Dojo Mobile comes with default themes for iOS, Android and Blackberry out of the box for the core mobile widgets, so you can match the native look and feel that users are already accustomed to working with.

Create your Own

Dojo Mobile’s themes are built using CSS and parameterized using Less.js, making it very easy to change styling such as colors across an entire theme in one place — including graphical components such as charts and gauges.

Beautiful Themes

High Quality Mobile Interaction

High Quality Mobile Interaction

Touch & Gestures

The new Dojo Touch APIs provide a common set of touch events and the bases for gestures such as swipe, scroll, pinch, rotate and tap.

Animated Transition Effects

Dojo mobile now includes more than 15 new CSS3 animated effects and transitions. Slide, cover, spin and flip your way between views with minimal coding.

Smooth Scrolling

Ease cross-platform development with view components that are enhanced with smooth momentum scrolling.

PhoneGap Ready

Access local device

When your application needs to make direct use of native device APIs such as accessing Contacts or scanning barcodes

Package for App Stores

When you want to utilize app stores for marketing, your Dojo Mobile app can easily be packaged as a native app using PhoneGap, a quality open source affiliate project with similar licensing.

PhoneGap Ready