Large Scale Apps, New Examples, API Viewer

A few quick updates in case you don’t obsessively follow @dojo on Twitter.

Large Scale Apps

There are a pair of recent posts about using Dojo for building large scale apps:

  • Kris Zyp of SitePen, Dojo, and Persevere talks about how to go from jQuery to large applications, showing how to sprinkle Dojo features on top of jQuery applications.
  • Mike Woloszynowicz, a developer currently using Dojo in a large-scale project, writes an informative article about his Dojo lessons from the trenches

Both are worth reading for regular Dojo users, and for anyone considering Dojo for their project.

Some Simple Examples

Unless you like watching paint dry, you probably didn’t notice a few of the subtle changes made to the Dojo web site. On the home page, a pair of the items on the left side now link to simple live examples that show off the power of Dojo: Grids and Charts, and Rich UI Widgets. Thanks to David Walsh, Tom Trenka, Torrey Rice, Dustin Machi, and Chris Anderson from SitePen for helping implement these updates, as well as many other refinements throughout the site.

API Viewer Updates

The Dojo Toolkit API Viewer has received some much needed love, and has significant improvement in navigation, contains docs for Dojo versions 1.5, 1.4, and 1.3, and just looks so much better. Yes, the docs themselves have been improving as well. Check it out, and help us make the docs even better. Thanks to many in the Dojo community for helping with this effort, including Tom Trenka and Peter Higgins.

3 thoughts on “Large Scale Apps, New Examples, API Viewer

  1. The updates to the API view are awesome. The Dojo Team is doing a great job updating the documentation – it was needed. This will greatly help in overall acceeptance of Dojo and make it easier for folks to understand the huge value in Dojo.

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