This Week in Dojo: New Tutorials, Mobile Showcase and more

In the past three weeks SitePen engineers have released a flurry of new tutorials (13 and counting) including two tutorials focused on building Web Apps using Dojo Mobile!

Speaking of Dojo Mobile

There is now a Dojo Mobile Showcase which shows the various widgets available in Dojo 1.6 and gives a glimpse at what’s coming in Dojo 1.7.


Boilerplates are all the rage these days, and sure you can get a sweet HTML5 boilerplate but what about Dojo? Stepping up to the plate is Rebecca Murphy and Colin Snover with their initial release of their Dojo 1.6 boilerplate!

4 thoughts on “This Week in Dojo: New Tutorials, Mobile Showcase and more

  1. I’ve been working on a design environment for mobile apps using a mix of dojo’s new mobile library and wavemaker’s framework. I’ve been testing apps generated this way using a thunderbolt and a nexus one. Mostly things work pretty well, but editors have been very problematic (more dramatically bad on thunderbolt — presumably due to SenseUI). I’m seeing the same problems on your sample above. I’m assuming it has something to do with the scrollable class due to it throwing off the browser’s standard positioning logic, but thats just a guess at this point.

    Specific problems:
    1. When I select a text field, the Sense UI keyboard pops up, and I get two insertion points and two textboxes with focus in two parts of the screen.
    2. Nexus one running Android 2.3: When I place insertion points in a text field in the forms page of the showcase, the text rarely inserts where I put the insertion point. Even worse, I’m seeing in some cases the focus on one text field and the insertion point on another text field.

    I realize that to a large extent these are bugs in the browser, unfortunately, they are bugs that any mobile framework have to account for. Are others seeing these bugs?

  2. Something that would really help is if you could download the example files in the tutorial. For example, I’m interested in the custom widget tutorial, but the files aren’t available to look through or download from there.

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