Extremely Small and Fast

Refactored Microkernel

The core of Dojo has been completely refactored as a set of lightweight independent modules that can be used via the new Dojo lightweight (3.8kb) AMD loader.

Asynchronous Loading

Only load the capabilities you need and no more, all asynchronously and FAST!

AMD Modules

AMD helps break down cross-toolkit barriers by using a standard module format and loader

Now, you can more easily make use of 3rd party AMD-compliant modules with recent versions of MooTools, jQuery, underscore, backbone, cujo, eventd, uber, Wink Toolkit, and more without worrying about global conflicts.


Scalable Apps

Build your own custom modules following the standard AMD module format. Alias Dojo’s own modules to whatever variable names you wish.

You now have the option to use a 3rd party AMD loader like Require.js to load Dojo AMD modules!

Backward Compatibility

Begin moving toward the future with new AMD modules, while leveraging your existing investment in Dojo.

Dojo’s AMD loader fully supports loading modules in older Dojo formats, as well as the new AMD module format.

If you’re not yet ready to take on AMD, you can still use Dojo just like always with synchronous loading and Dojo’s original loader and dependency management system.

Powerful Base APIs

Powerful Base APIs

Dojo’s Base modules contain the essential capabilities any website needs:

DOM Functions

  - Query

  - NodeList extensions

  - Events

Effects & Animation

Language Helpers


Ajax I/O