Spring and Summer 2013 Dojo Events

There are a number of Dojo events this spring and summer. We hope to meet you at one of these events:



  • JSConf. Dojo Committers Peter Higgins, Brian Arnold, Nikolai Onken, and Luis Montes are all giving talks this year, as are Dojo community members Rebecca Murphey, Blaine Bublitz, Brian Cavalier, and Scott Andrews. May 28 – June 1. Amelia Island, Florida. Paid registration required.
  • Dutch Mobile Conference. Dojo Committer Eric Durocher is speaking. June 6-8. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Paid registration required.
  • Web-5Dojo Committer Christophe Jolif is speaking, as is Dojo community member Tom Dye. June 14-15. Béziers, France. Paid registration required.
  • Early plans are underway for a Dojo conference this October!

Training Workshops

Let us know if you’re speaking at an event, and we’ll add you to our listings!

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