Dojo is now hosted on GitHub

I’m pleased to announce that after a prolonged period of incomplete mirroring, we’ve now fully migrated Dojo’s source code to GitHub. Future development will be performed there instead of the Subversion repository, which is now read-only and effectively dead. We will continue to use for issue tracking, but patches should now be submitted directly as pull requests. The guidelines in each repository provide guidelines on sending patches.

As an unavoidable part of this update, the old repositories on GitHub have had their histories rewritten. This means that any Git projects with submodules pointing to those old repositories will be broken. If you have such a project, please make sure you update your submodules. The old mirror repositories have been temporarily renamed with an `-oldmirror` suffix so you can find the correct commit ID for your project. These old mirror repositories will be going away in the near future.

One thought on “Dojo is now hosted on GitHub

  1. A most welcome note! Dojo is an amazing toolkit and it deserves nothing less than the most amazing Source Code Hosting!

    All that remains is to transition to jsDoc 😉

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