Dojo 1.9.2 and more

We have a number of December announcements.

Dojo 1.9.2

Dojo version 1.9.2 is now available for immediate use. The most prominent changes are:

  • Support for IE11
  • Support for W3C Pointer Events API in touch-enabled components (necessary for IE11 support)
  • Fixes for modern Firefox and Chrome
  • Fixes to star-mapping and aliases when using built layers
  • Fixes to sorting Date objects in dojo/store/Memory and other stores that use SimpleQueryEngine
  • Fixes to Dijit pop-up scrolling when using the scrollbar

Full details of the Dojo 1.9.2 release are available on the mailing list. We expect to have backsupported IE11 support available for Dojo 1.8 within a few weeks.

Help wanted: Migrating DOH tests to Intern

As many of you know, Intern is our replacement for DOH for Dojo 2.0. In order to make it easier for us to test and maintain multiple versions of Dojo, we are starting the process of replacing all existing DOH tests with Intern tests in the 1.x codebase. If you would like to get involved, please volunteer to assist in migrating tests. We will post additional instructions shortly on how to get involved.

Dojo training workshops

SitePen is running a December promotion with a free Dojo 101 workshop when registering for any of their Dojo 201 or 202 workshops in 2014. They are also offering both free 101 and 201 to the first person to register for all 3 workshops in each city on their calendar. Read the full details on this Dojo workshop promotion. The full Dojo workshop schedule for 2014 is also available.

The road to Dojo 2

The road to Dojo 2 is underway, and we have a substantial amount of work to complete to achieve our goals. Many early efforts have started towards building the best possible JavaScript toolkit. If you are interested in helping with Dojo 2, we encourage you to get involved by contacting us via the mailing list or on IRC.

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  1. Hi,
    From where can i download dojo 1.9.1 (or) dojo 1.9.2 for development. As i can able to find dojo1.9.3 but in my application iam facing some problems and when i have checked online forums suggested to go back to older versions. Please provide me the link to download dojo 1.9.1 for development. Thanks.

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