Needs More Dojo plugin for JetBrains’ IDEs

The following is a guest post from Christopher Folger, creator of a Dojo plugin for the JetBrains IDE. Thanks Christopher for sharing information about your plugin.

Needs More Dojo is a plugin that provides awareness of Dojo’s AMD system and object model to the IDE. Its main purpose is to simplify the management of the imported modules array (and corresponding function parameters) in a define block.

For example, instead of typing “dijit/layout/ContentPane” and adding a “ContentPane” parameter, Needs More Dojo lets you type “ContentPane” then inserts the correct module path and parameter for you into the existing list of imports. As you are writing code, when you reference an AMD module, you can use a hot-key to import the module instead of adding it manually. It will also flag unused modules with a strike-through and allows you to remove all unused modules at once.

Apart from this, it has several other features:

  • Allows you to organize, remove duplicates, or move items in a module’s list of imports via hot-keys or menu items
  • Highlights mismatches between an imported module and its parameter
  • Scans your sources and updates module references in define blocks when using the move/rename refactoring actions
  • Detects and optionally highlights cyclic dependencies
  • Allows navigation to attach points in modules that use _TemplatedWidget and i18n resource keys when using dojo/i18n!
  • The upcoming release provides support for require blocks in addition to better navigation to modules, methods, and this.inherited references

Needs More Dojo is listed under the JavaScript category of the JetBrains plugin repository, which you can access in the IDE. Alternatively, you can visit the Needs More Dojo plugin directly.

It is open-source and is currently under development. Any feedback or feature requests are always welcome and can be made on GitHub

7 thoughts on “Needs More Dojo plugin for JetBrains’ IDEs

  1. Needs More Dojo is a very useful plugin that will save you some time and headache from organizing imports. It will change your life. Use it.

  2. Nice to know about such plugin for IDEA, i have been developing with Dojo in the Jetbrains IDE with Java, and this plugin is most welcome, can’t wait to see it in action, downloading it now!!.

  3. Awesome!
    It would be great to support the Dojo comment style in Dojo classes, by default, Jetbrains creates only JSDoc-Style. Any ideas ?

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