Authors:Yoshiroh Kamiyama
Developers:Yoshiroh Kamiyama

ScrollableView is a container widget that represents entire mobile device screen, and has a touch scrolling capability. ScrollableView is a subclass of View ( Unlike the base View class, ScrollableView’s domNode always stays at the top of the screen and its height is “100%” of the screen. Inside this fixed domNode, containerNode scrolls. Browser’s default scrolling behavior is disabled, and the scrolling machinery is re-implemented with JavaScript. Thus the user does not need to use the two-finger operation to scroll an inner DIV (containerNode). The main purpose of this widget is to realize fixed-positioned header and/or footer bars.

The animation below shows the difference of scrolling behavior between View and ScrollableView.


Constructor Parameters

Inherited from

Parameter Type Default Description
selected Boolean false If true, the view is displayed at startup time.
keepScrollPos Boolean true If true, the scroll position is kept when transition occurs between views.

Inherited from

Parameter Type Default Description
scrollBar Boolean true If true, scroll bar is displayed.
scrollDir String “v” Specify a scrolling direction. “v” for vertical, “h” for horizontal, or “vh” for both.
fadeScrollBar Boolean true Use the fade animation to hide scroll bar.
disableFlashScrollBar Boolean false Disable flashing of scroll bar when a view is shown.
threshold Number 4 Drag threshold value in pixels. The user needs to drag at least the specified pixels before a real drag operation starts.
height String “” Explicitly specified height of the widget (ex. “300px”). If “inherit” is specified, the height is inherited from its offset parent. If “auto” is specified, the content height, which could be smaller than the entire screen height, is used. If nothing is specified, the entire screen height is used.


Basic usage is the same as for If you do not need fixed-positioned header and/or footer bars, you should use


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