Dojo Toolkit Reference Guide


The Dojo Toolkit Reference Guide is designed to be an in-depth resource regarding the Dojo Toolkit. The Reference Guide is a community effort and can be contributed to by anyone who has a CLA in place with the Dojo Foundation.

If you are looking for an introduction to the Dojo Toolkit, it is better to utilize the tutorials, and then use this reference guide. If you are looking for detailed information on properties, methods and events of specific modules, it is better to utilize the API reference.

The Dojo Toolkit

The Dojo Toolkit is divided into several main packages that would constitute a full distribution of Dojo Toolkit. Those main packages are:

  • dojo - Sometimes referred to as the “core”, this is the main part of Dojo and the most generally applicable packages and modules are contained in here. The core covers a wide range of functionality like AJAX, DOM manipulation, class-type programming, events, promises, data stores, drag-and-drop and internationalization libraries.
  • dijit - An extensive set of widgets (user interface components) and the underlying system to support them. It is built fully on-top of the Dojo core.
  • dojox - A collection of packages and modules that provide a vast array of functionality that are built upon both the Dojo core and Dijit. Packages and modules contained in DojoX will have varying degrees of maturity, denoted within the README files of each package. Some of the modules are extremely mature and some are highly experimental.
  • util - Various tools that support the rest of the toolkit, like being able to build, test and document code.

Reference Guide Structure

This guide not only covers of the main packages of the toolkit, it also provides a few other areas of reference information:

  • Release Notes - The release notes for the Dojo Toolkit and a couple of other release related transition notes.
  • Developer Notes - Several documents that are used to document Dojo contributor and committer guidelines.
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