The dojo/_base/html module defines aliases to basic DOM & HTML handling functions for backwards-compatibility. As with all dojo/_base components, these functions are included within Dojo Base, which you get simply by loading dojo.js (except when loading baseless with async: true in Dojo 1.7+).

As of Dojo 1.7, the recommended practice going forward (with async: true) is to require just the individual dependencies you need, instead of dojo/_base/html. The new locations of its functions are indicated in the list below.


  • dojo.byId

    Returns the DOM node with the matching ‘id. Alias of dom.byId in dojo/dom.

  • dojo.isDescendant

    Determines whether a node is a descendant of another. Alias of dom.isDescendant in dojo/dom.

  • dojo.setSelectable

    Enables or disables selection on a node. Alias of dom.setSelectable in dojo/dom.

  • dojo.getAttr

    Gets an attribute on an HTML element. Alias of domAttr.get in dojo/dom-attr.

  • dojo.setAttr

    Sets an attribute on an HTML element. Alias of domAttr.set in dojo/dom-attr.

  • dojo.hasAttr

    Returns true if the requested attribute is specified on the given element, false otherwise. Alias of domAttr.has in dojo/dom-attr.

  • dojo.removeAttr

    Removes an attribute from an HTML element. Alias of domAttr.remove in dojo/dom-attr.

  • dojo.getNodeProp

    Returns an effective value of a property or an attribute. Alias of domAttr.getNodeProp in dojo/dom-attr.

  • dojo.attr

    Gets or sets an attribute on an HTML element.

  • dojo.hasClass

    Returns whether or not the specified classes are a portion of the class list currently applied to the node. Alias of domClass.contains in dojo/dom-class.

  • dojo.addClass

    Adds the specified classes to the end of the class list on the passed node. Will not re-apply duplicate classes. Alias of domClass.add in dojo/dom-class.

  • dojo.removeClass

    Removes the specified classes from node. No dojo.hasClass check is required. Alias of domClass.remove in dojo/dom-class.

  • dojo.toggleClass

    Adds a class to node if not present, or removes if present. Pass a boolean condition if you want to explicitly add or remove. Returns the condition that was specified directly or indirectly. Alias of domClass.toggle in dojo/dom-class.

  • dojo.replaceClass

    Replaces one or more classes on a node if not present. Operates more quickly than calling dojo.removeClass and dojo.addClass. Alias of domClass.replace in dojo/dom-class.

  • dojo.toDom

    Instantiates an HTML fragment returning the corresponding DOM. Alias of domConstruct.toDom in dojo/dom-construct.


    Attempt to insert node into the DOM, choosing from various positioning options. Returns the first argument resolved to a DOM node. Alias of in dojo/dom-construct.

  • dojo.create

    Create an element, allowing for optional attribute decoration and placement. Alias of domConstruct.create in dojo/dom-construct.

  • dojo.empty

    Safely removes all children of the node. Alias of domConstruct.empty in dojo/dom-construct.

  • dojo.destroy

    Removes a node from its parent, clobbering it and all of its children. Alias of domConstruct.destroy in dojo/dom-construct.

  • dojo.getPadExtents

    Returns object with special values specifically useful for node fitting. Alias of domGeom.getPadExtents in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getBorderExtents

    Returns an object with properties useful for noting the border dimensions. Alias of domGeom.getBorderExtents in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getPadBorderExtents

    Returns object with properties useful for box fitting with regards to padding. Alias of domGeom.getPadBorderExtents in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getMarginExtents

    Returns object with properties useful for box fitting with regards to box margins (i.e., the outer-box). Alias of domGeom.getMarginExtents in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getMarginSize

    Returns an object that encodes the width and height of the node’s margin box. Alias of domGeom.getMarginSize in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getMarginBox

    Returns an object that encodes the width, height, left and top positions of the node’s margin box. Alias of domGeom.getMarginBox in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.setMarginBox

    Set the size of the node’s margin box and placement (left/top), irrespective of box model. Think of it as a passthrough to setBox that handles box-model vagaries for you. Alias of domGeom.setMarginBox in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getContentBox

    Returns an object that encodes the width, height, left and top positions of the node’s content box, irrespective of the current box model. Alias of domGeom.getContentBox in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.setContentSize

    Sets the size of the node’s contents, irrespective of margins, padding, or borders. Alias of domGeom.setContentSize in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.isBodyLtr

    Returns true if the current language is left-to-right, and false otherwise. Alias of domGeom.isBodyLtr in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.docScroll

    Returns an object with {node, x, y} with corresponding offsets. Alias of domGeom.docScroll in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.getIeDocumentElementOffset

    Returns the offset in x and y from the document body to the visual edge of the page for IE. Alias of domGeom.getIeDocumentElementOffset in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.fixIeBiDiScrollLeft

    In RTL direction, scrollLeft should be a negative value, but IE returns a positive one. All codes using documentElement.scrollLeft must call this function to fix this error, otherwise the position will offset to right when there is a horizontal scrollbar. Alias of domGeom.fixIeBiDiScrollLeft in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.position

    Gets the position and size of the passed element relative to the viewport (if includeScroll==false), or relative to the document root (if includeScroll==true). Alias of domGeom.position in dojo/dom-geometry.

  • dojo.marginBox

    Getter/setter for the margin-box of node.

  • dojo.contentBox

    Getter/setter for the content-box of node.

  • dojo.coords

    Deprecated: Use position() for border-box x/y/w/h or marginBox() for margin-box w/h/l/t. Returns an object representing a node’s size and position.

  • dojo.getProp

    Gets a property on an HTML element. Alias of domProp.get in dojo/dom-prop.

  • dojo.setProp

    Sets a property on an HTML element. Alias of domProp.set in dojo/dom-prop.

  • dojo.prop

    Gets or sets a property on an HTML element.

  • dojo.getStyle

    Accesses styles on a node. Alias of domStyle.get in dojo/dom-style.

  • dojo.setStyle

    Sets styles on a node. Alias of domStyle.set in dojo/dom-style.

  • dojo.getComputedStyle

    Returns a computed style object. Alias of domStyle.getComputedStyle in dojo/dom-style.

  • dojo.toPixelValue

    Converts style value to pixels on IE or return a numeric value. Alias of domStyle.toPixelValue in dojo/dom-style.


    Accesses styles on a node. If 2 arguments are passed, acts as a getter. If 3 arguments are passed, acts as a setter.

See also

  • dojo.html

    dojo.html.set() inserts (replaces) the given content into the given node

  • dojox.html

    Additional HTML helper functions

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