Dojo 1.10 release schedule, beta 1 now available

In preparation for the release of Dojo 1.10, trunk is now in feature freeze, which means this code is considered feature complete for Dojo 1.10. The release schedule is currently as follows:

  • May 13: Dojo 1.10.0-beta1
  • May 29: Release candidate 1 (note: if additional beta releases are necessary, each release will push this out by 1 week)
  • June 12: Final release (note: if additional rc releases are necessary, each release will push this out by 1 week)

We encourage you to grab the beta and help us find any bugs or regressions with your code base and report any issues you find by following our contributor workflow.

The documentation for 1.10 has not yet been built, though the API changes from 1.9 are minimal. Work in progress release notes are available to see a highlight of the additions we have made.

Thank you to everyone that has helped make this release a success, including the 61 contributors that have had code land in this release!

8 thoughts on “Dojo 1.10 release schedule, beta 1 now available

  1. Is version 1.10 simply a code name for version 2.0? If not, when will version 2.0 be available? I read where most book authors are waiting for 2.0 before writing a new book, and I’d like a good, up to date book on dojo.

    1. No, 1.10 is the next 1.x release. 2.0 is planned for late this year or early next year.

      The way Dojo 2.0 is coming together is more modular. So for example, Intern is the 2.0 testing tool, dstore is the planned Dojo 2 dojo/store implementation. In the near future Dojo 2 core alpha will be ready, work is underway on Dijit 2, etc. The official Dojo 2 release will be a combination of more packages, and will come together once enough of this is done.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Dylan. I’m a noob to dojo and web programming in general, so I’m having a hard time getting my head wrapped around what exactly is going on. Hence, a lot of what you said went past me, but hopefully I’ll understand more as time goes by.

        1. What I meant is that it will be a process where portions of 2.0 are finished and available for use already, with 1.x, before 2.0 is done. So it will be more of a transition rather than a flip of the switch.

        1. There is early work being done in a number of repos, but no official Dojo2 trunk yet.

          We will make an announcement soon, once we have made a few more decisions.

  2. I read where you don’t expect any authors to put out new books on Dojo until toolkit 2.0 is out. Is toolkit 1.10 the same as 2.0? If not, when do you expect 2.0 to be available? I am new to dojo, and web programming in general, and could use a good reference.

    1. Opps! When I made this comment I saw where you responded to my previous comment. I thought it just hadn’t made it through. Please excuse my double post. 🙂

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