Case study: Core-Admin

The large companies that use Dojo are widely known. This series features other users of Dojo and their stories. This time, we interview Francis Brosnan Blázquez from Core-Admin, a Madrid-based company creating a powerful Dojo-based server administration platform.

Q: Why did you choose Dojo?

A: Well, we saw several solutions already available in the market, each of them with a different degree of quality. However Dojo Toolkit was (and still is) the best Open Source product out there to create a beautiful Internet application with a desktop like interface. It’s got everything for the GUI plus a great support for major available browsers.

Q: Were you previously using another toolkit?

A: We tried jQuery and we are still using it for another project, but after testing both of them our preference is Dojo Toolkit. In our opinion, Dojo Toolkit’s API is superior and doesn’t have weird/complex options or calling methods that sound strange. Moreover, Dojo covers from the ground JavaScript development to the GUI part without any problem. At least for our case, we didn’t miss anything.

Q: How does your application use Dojo?

Core-Admin is a centralized server administration solution that provides real-time access to a group of servers through a single JavaScript BEEP/WebSocket connection. In this case, we’ve built a web-client that provides the console used by administrators and end users to access to the Core-Admin server.

The usage of Dojo is intensive throughout Core-Admin web interface. It uses many core Dojo functions like event handling, DOM handling, dynamic CSS styling, etc. It also uses many of the GUI components to create panels, sections and trees..

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Dojo?

The best is that it is solid as a rock and it is Open Source! It is a project you can rely on for your commercial grade developments.

Q: What are your future plans with Dojo?

Currently we are using Dojo toolkit 1.6.x series. We would like to start working in the short term on a web-client upgrade that can take advantage of new Dojo features like AMD and many other visual upgrades like some of the beautiful themes that are available for Dojo Toolkit 1.8.x and 1.9.x.


Thanks Francis for telling us about your experience with Dojo. Please also check out the Core-Admin demo (user:admin, password: admin) to see this application in action, or watch a few videos of the product in action! If you would like to share your experience, please contact us.

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