3-day Online Dojo Conference – dojo.connect

This year we wanted to create an Dojo Conference / Event that is more inclusive for the Dojo Community than our traditional Dojo Developer Days. To that end, we have established a Dojo Conference, dojo.connect to provide an online virtual conference so that more people may attend and learn Dojo. The full conference is three days long, with the first two days consisting of practical sessions on how to use Dojo to build amazing web apps. The third day will consist of round tables and discussions centered around Dojo’s future developmental goals.

These days many conferences are simply big marketing and networking exercises and can be very expensive to attend. This is especially true when travel is taken into account. It is often impractical for foreign visitors to come to the US to attend a conference or to get many US developers to attend overseas. Dojo.connect is different in that its goal is to provide practical information and education working with Dojo. Real-time interaction with speakers and attendees is not sacrificed however, and will be accomplished either via voice communication and/or text chat. Most of the active Dojo Developers and other active community members will be presenting various techniques, strategies, and advice to help developers and companies build great applications. Opportunities will exist to discuss and contribute to the future direction of Dojo through communication with those individuals that make Dojo happen.

A portion of the proceeds collected from the conference will be funneled back into the Dojo Foundation in order to support its on going efforts and infrastructure expenses.

We hope you will find the conference enjoyable and informative and will consider signing up and attending. For more information about dojo.connect, see http://widespreadconferences.com/dojoconnect.html.

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