1.7 Tutorials, CometD 2.4.0, Wink Toolkit 1.4.1, and Documentation Feedback

This past week included four significant announcements:

  • The Dojo Tutorial series has been updated to include version 1.7 of Dojo. Read the announcement from SitePen for more details.
  • Wink Toolkit has been updated to version 1.4.1. Wink Toolkit is a Dojo Foundation project that is mobile-specific, now builds on AMD, and is now easy to use with Dojo. See the Community Connections demo app which shows off using Dojo and Wink together, and introduces some of the committers to Dojo and Wink.
  • CometD has released version 2.4.0. In addition to improving their WebSockets support, they have also updated their Dojo client to work with Dojo 1.7.1 (though it does not yet support AMD).
  • We’ve long heard that we have issues with our documentation, and in spite of our best efforts to improve them, especially with the tutorials, we need help identifying and resolving issues with our docs. If you’re interested in contributing, less us know on the mailing list or on IRC. But even if you’re not interested in that level of help, we’ve simplified the feedback process. At the bottom of each API viewer and tutorial page (and soon reference guide as well), you’ll find a link to a quick feedback form. If you see an issue on the page you’re reviewing, simply click the link, type in a note with the details of the problem, and we’ll make it a priority to fix.

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