Dojo 1.5.2 Released

We’re pleased to announce Dojo 1.5.2, a set of updates for anyone using the 1.5.x line of Dojo. This release is a departure from our approach in the past, and is something new we’re trying to better support you.

The 1.5.2 update consists primarily of backports of browser compatibility fixes for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox4+, most of which were originally added in the 1.6.0-1.6.1 time frame.

If you are working with a Dojo 1.5 code base and are interested in benefiting from browser compatibility fixes heretofore seen only in 1.6+, please give this a whirl in your apps. It’s a low risk update that will provide you with better browser compatibility, without any changes to APIs or features from 1.5.1.

Note that 1.5.2 is not yet available on the CDNs, but will be available in the near future.

Please report any new issues you find in your testing with your Dojo Foundation account.

One thought on “Dojo 1.5.2 Released

  1. Hi, where are the release notes to this release?
    I have been using 1.5.0 and am now forced to move to 1.5.2 since this is th only source distr I can find. 1.5.2 shows a unneccesary horizontal scrollbox in my application when opening a select box in a Contentpane in an Accordionpane. This was not present in 1.5.0. Trying to find out what is going here, so a pointer to diff 15.0 and 1.5.2 is appreciated.

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