Project owner:Eugene Lazutkin, Kris Zyp

JavaScript language extensions for supporting AOP, FP and other language constructs.


  • dojox.lang.aspect

    Provides a framework for aspect-oriented programming.

  • dojox.lang.async

    Provides helpers for event-driven programming.


    Provides schemas on Dojo’s classes from the API documentation. This can used for runtime access to class metadata information such as descriptions and type information. This can be used in conjunction with dojox.lang.typed to enforce typing on Dojo’s classes using the API information.

  • dojox.lang.functional

    Provides lambda functions, and common functional operations.

  • dojox.lang.observable

    Provides construction of objects that such that property access and modification can be controlled, i.e. provides a form of getters/setters.

  • dojox.lang.oo

    Provides mixers to support traits and mixins for object-oriented programming.

  • dojox.lang.typed

    Provides type checking for JavaScript classes, enforcing types on properties and method parameters using JSON Schema definitions.

  • dojox.lang.utils

    Object handling utilities for changing two objects to the same type, updating properties of objects from another object and merge two objects.

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