Authors:Kris Zyp
Project owner:Kris Zyp
since:V1.2 provides schemas on Dojo’s classes based on the API documentation.

Introduction can used for runtime access to class metadata information such as descriptions and type information. This can be used in conjunction with dojox.lang.typed to enforce typing on Dojo’s classes using the API information.

Usage should be used with the -src distribution of Dojo, as it must be able to access the util/docscripts/api.xml (util should be at the same level as dojo, dojox, and dijit). To use, load the module prior to loading other Dojo classes, and then call and the API information will then be available on your classes. The API information that is populated on the classes follows the JSON Schema ( structure, where the class/constructor is the root object of the schema.


dijit.ColorPalette.description -> description of ColorPalette -> description of the defaultTimeout property -> "number", the type of the defaultTimeout property
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