Authors:Sam Foster, Bill Keese, Frederic, Marcus Reimann
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Extensions to content setting utilities in dojo.html


dojox.html.set and its helper dojox.html._ContentSetter extend the content-setting available in their dojo.html counterparts, by adding support for executing scripts, adding style. The _ContentSetter provides this functionality to the dojox.layout.ContentPane widget.

Be careful: Loading content with script and style blocks is often a questionable practice. A more secure and recommended solution is, to load just pure data with the help of the available Dojo datastores. But beside this general principle, there are also valid use cases, and times when loading content with scripts is the only option available. In such cases, dojox.html.set() can help you.


dojox.html.set(node, content, {
    executeScripts: true,
    scriptHasHooks: false,
    renderStyles: true
Parameter Type Description
node DomNode The parent element that will receive the content.
content String|DomNode|NodeList The content to be set on the parent element. This can be an HTML string, a node reference or a NodeList, dojo.NodeList, Array or other enumerable list of nodes.
params Object Optional. Optional flags/properties to configure the content-setting. See dojo.html._ContentSetter


Set content with styles

    var content = "<div style='background-color: #dffadb; padding: 10px;'>"
        +"The content."
        + "</div>"
        +"<div style='background-color: #faefdb; padding: 10px;'>"
        + "It can be an HTML string, a node reference or a NodeList, "
        + "dojo.NodeList, Array or other enumerable list of nodes."
        + "</div>";
    dojox.html.set(dojo.byId("myNode1"), content, {
        executeScripts: false,
        scriptHasHooks: false,
        renderStyles: true
<div id="myNode1">I'm an empty node</div>

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