The util/ directory is different than dojo/dijit/dojox in that it doesn’t contain JavaScript code that accessed directly from web pages. Rather, it contains utility scripts as listed below.

Dojo Build System

The Dojo build system is used to create efficient optimized packages of JavaScript and CSS, customized for a given application or website. You can take advantage of this powerful tool to help structure your development and speed up your applications.

See also the documentation on custom builds, about how to make optimized builds based on which dojo modules you are using.


ShrinkSafe is a standalone utility for compressing JavaScript, used by the Dojo Build System as an optional compression step, though can be used on individual files manually.


DOH is the test harness used by dojo, similar to JUnit.

The util/doh/ directory also contains DOH Robot, an API used in conjunction with DOH for automated keyboard/mouse testing.

The Dojo API doc system

Dojo uses a custom inline comment syntax which produces well structured xml, and powers the official API Docs .

The doc system is powered by js-doc-parse. See https://github.com/wkeese/api-viewer/blob/master/README.rst for documentation.

Previously, it was powered by the doctools directory. However, this is now deprecated and will be removed in 2.0.


Checkstyle is a standalone utility for checking JavaScript files for violations of the Dojo style guide. Also includes an online tool for automatically fixing the majority of style guide violations.


The migration directory contains scripts for helping to migrate from older versions of dojo to newer ones.

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