Authors:Doug Hays
Developers:Doug Hays

Slider is a simple INPUT type=”range” widget (either horizontal or vertical) allowing numeric values to be selected by dragging a handle.

Constructor Parameters

Parameter Type Default Description
value Number 0 Current value of the widget.
min Number 0 Minimum value of the widget.
max Number 100 Maximum value of the widget.
step Number 1 Delta from 1 value to the next. 0 means smallest possible given the pixel size.
onChange Function   An event handler used for widget value change notifications.
flip Boolean false Reverse the direction of the Slider values.
orientation String auto One of H (horizontal), V (vertical), or auto (selects best fit) for Slider handle to move.
halo String 8pt Size of padding around the Slider widget that can receive touch events in order to interact with Slider.


Simple Slider

<input type="range" style="width:200px;" data-dojo-type="" value="10" max="20" />

onChange handler in HTML5 format

<input type="range" style="height:200px;width:20px;" data-dojo-type="" data-dojo-props='
      onChange:function(newValue){ alert("value changed to " + newValue); }' />
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