A dijit.WidgetSet is a collection of Dijit widgets. It can be used for bulk operation and control of groups of widgets. In Dojo 1.7, including dijit.WidgetSet will add Array-like functions to the main dijit/registry object as well for backwards-compatibility; this behavior will be removed in Dojo 2.0.


dijit.WidgetSet works similarly to a dojo.NodeList, treating the list of widgets as a pseudo-array and allowing common Array-like functions to iterate through the list.


Adding a widget to a WidgetSet

var ws = new WidgetSet();
ws.add(new dijit.Dialog());

Removing a widget from a WidgetSet


Iterating over a list of widgets

ws.forEach(function(widget, index, hash){
  // function is run for each widget available

Converting a WidgetSet to an array

var widgetArray = ws.toArray();

Chaining forEach and byClass calls

}).byClass("dijit.Dialog").forEach(function(widget){ /* only dijit.Dialog instances */ });

The functions filter(), forEach(), map(), every() and some() all accept a thisObject in the last position. This is in line with all other Dojo array functions and allows for transparent scope manipulation:

// we are in some object, like a widget
  this.addChild(widget); // add all children to the instance we are in
}, this);

Filtering a list of widgets

This example filters all even widgets from the list, then iterates over the remainder:

// filter out even widgets, and iterate over the remainder
ws.filter(function(widget, i){
  return i % 2 == 0;
  console.log(widget.id, "was an odd number in the list");

Inspecting how many widgets are in a WidgetSet

  // there is at least one widget in this WidgetSet
  // there are Dialog widgets in this set

Other examples

Retrieving all DOM nodes for a set of widgets

// get the actual domNode which represents the widgets in this list:
var nodes = dijit.registry.map(function(widget){
  return widget.domNode;

Validating all widgets in a WidgetSet

var isValid = ws.every(function(widget){
  // all widgets must have a value > 0 to pass
  return widget.isValid();

  // all widgets are valid
  // something failed before we got through all widgets, something
  // didn't pass the test
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