Authors:Rahul Akolkar, Ed Chatelain
Developers:Rahul Akolkar, Ed Chatelain

A simple widget that displays templated output, parts of which may be data-bound.


Parameter Type Default Description
ref String or StatefulModel   The value of the data binding expression passed declaratively by the developer. This usually references a location within an existing datamodel and may be a relative reference based on the parent / container data binding (dot-separated string).

Available Methods

  • dojox.mvc.Output.set

Override and refresh output on value change.


Declarative example

<span data-dojo-type="dojox.mvc.Output" ref="model.balance">
    Your balance is: ${this.value}

In the above example, the output widget being data-bound, if the balance changes in the dojox.mvc.StatefulModel, the content within the <span> will be updated accordingly.

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