Authors:Peter Higgins, Jonathan Bond-Caron, Shane O’Sullivan, Bryan Forbes

dojox.fx provides a class of animation effects to use, and other animation and Effects additions to Dojo FX.

Base dojox.fx Animations

These are the animations provided by calling dojo.require("dojox.fx");

  • dojox.fx.wipeTo - allows you to wipe a node to a specific height or width
  • dojox.fx.sizeTo - animates a node about it’s center to a defined width and height
  • dojox.fx.slideBy - slide a node by a defined offset
  • dojox.fx.crossFade - conveniently fade two nodes simultaneously
  • dojox.fx.highlight - highlights a node for a short timespan
  • dojox.fx.fadeTo - fade a node to a defined opacity

Additionally, dojox.fx includes the Dojo Core animations, and creates aliases to them in the dojox.fx namespace. For instance:

dojox.fx.fadeIn == dojo.fadeIn
dojox.fx.chain == dojo.fx.chain

Additional FX Modules

The dojox.fx project also contains additional modules, providing even more animation functions:

  • dojox.fx.scroll - Provides window and node scrolling animation: dojox.fx.smoothScroll
  • dojox.fx.Shadow - An experimental cross-browser drop-shadow
  • - experimental API to animate the effects of adding, toggling, and removing class names from nodes.
    • dojox.fx.addClass
    • dojox.fx.removeClass
    • dojox.fx.toggleClass
  • dojox.fx.flip - An experimental simulated 3d effect API
  • dojox.fx.split - A series of animations for breaking nodes into parts, and transitioning them
  • dojox.fx.text - An extension of fx.split, which works exclusively on text nodes.
  • dojox.fx.Timeline - An advanced dojo._Line replacement

NodeList Plugins

A cross-namespace module which mixes all the base dojox.fx animations into dojo.NodeList is available with the module dojox/fx/ext-dojo/NodeList

// Dojo 1.7+
require(["dojo/query", "dojox/fx/ext-dojo/NodeList"], function(query){
    // ...

// Dojo < 1.7

This allows you to use dojo.query to select groups of nodes and create animation instances from them. If you only want stock Dojo Core animations in your dojo.query lists, check out dojo.NodeList-fx

Additionally, a module in dojox.fx also provides the APIs to dojo.query as well:

// 1.7+
require(["dojox/fx/ext-dojo/NodeList-style"], function(){ });
// or < 1.7

Read more about CSS morphing at docs

Base Dojo Extensions

A few modules mix into the dojo namespace, as denoted by their module names:

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