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A simpler interface to dojo.animateProperty().


dojo.anim returns an instance of dojo.Animation but begins the animation immediately, unlike nearly every other Dojo animation API.

dojo.anim is a simpler (but somewhat less powerful) version of dojo.animateProperty. It uses defaults for many basic properties and allows for positional parameters to be used in place of the packed “property bag” which is used for other Dojo animation methods.

The dojo.Animation object returned from dojo.anim will be already playing when it is returned from this function, so calling play() on it again is (usually) a no-op.


Dojo 1.7 (AMD)

require(['dojo/_base/fx'], function(fx){
  fx.anim(node, properties, duration, easing, onEnd, delay);

Dojo < 1.7

dojo.anim(node, properties, duration, easing, onEnd, delay);


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