Authors:Doug Hays

ToggleButton widgets are a cross between Button and Checkbox widgets. They are created like Button widgets, but like CheckBox widgets, they maintain a checked boolean attribute (settable/gettable) that toggles on each click action. Unlike CheckBox widgets however, ToggleButton widgets do not submit any value on FORM submit. They are used solely for client-side processing where the user can toggle between 2 states before performing some additional action. The CSS class “dijitToggleButtonChecked” is appended to the widget’s outermost DOM node when the checked attribute is true to allow for custom styling.


Programmatic example

Let’s create a ToggleButton widget programmatically, initially unchecked:

  new dijit.form.ToggleButton({
    showLabel: true,
    checked: false,
    onChange: function(val){this.set('label',val)},
    label: "false"
  }, "programmatic");
<button id="programmatic"></button>

Declarative example

Now let’s create a ToggleButton widget with HTML markup, initially checked:

<button data-dojo-type="dijit.form.ToggleButton" data-dojo-props="iconClass:'dijitCheckBoxIcon', checked: true">
    Toggle me



Action Key
Navigate to a ToggleButton Tab
Toggle checked state Spacebar

Known Issues

  • Running IE 8 in Windows with JAWS 10 the pressed/not pressed state of toggle buttons is not announced. Since this works correctly in Firefox, I believe this is an IE 8 issue.
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