Authors:Oliver Zhu
Project owner:Evan Huang

EnhancedGrid provides a plugin framework, which can support a rich set of new features as plugins. The followings are implemented in Dojo 1.6:

Plugin List

These plugins are loaded on demand, so they must be required and declared before being used.

  • Nested Sorting - Multiple column sorting
  • Indirect Selection - Selecting rows with radio button or check box
  • Declarative context menus - Context menus for row, column, header and selected regions
  • Filter - Support for defining rules to filter grid content with various data types.
  • Exporter - Exporting grid content to various formats.
  • Printer - Providing convenient ways to print grid.
  • Selector - Unified extended selection support for rows, columns and cells.
  • DnD - Drag-and-drop support for rows/columns/cells, either within grid or out of grid.
  • Pagination - Pagination approach to work with huge data set besides the default virtual scrolling way
  • CellMerge - Merging adjacent cells within a row.
  • Cookie - Grid preferences persistence e.g column width|order and sorting order.
  • Search - Searching grid content by regular expressions or simple wildcard pattern.

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