Author:Tom Trenka

DojoX Encoding includes a set of hashing algorithms, also known as digests, to aid with common hashing tasks (such as CRC checks, password validation, etc.). All hashing algorithms (MD5 and SHA1 at the time of writing, with plans for the SHA2 family of digests) follow the same API, so that you can swap out algorithms with relative ease.

Each digest exposes a single function, with a private HMAC function as well, such as the following:

var d = dojox.encoding.digests.SHA1(someString);
var h = dojox.encoding.digests.SHA1._hmac(someString, someKey);

The digests in DojoX Encoding were designed to be as easy to use as possible, with some flexibility in terms of output. This output takes the form of a keyword arguments object, that looks like so:

var args = {
    outputType: dojox.encoding.digests.outputTypes.Base64

The following output types are supported by dojox.encoding.digests.outputTypes (with the value of the enumeration):

  • Base64 (0)
  • Hex (1)
  • String (2)
  • Raw (3)

At the time of writing (Dojo Toolkit 1.3 release), the following digests are available:

  • dojox.encoding.digests.MD5
  • dojox.encoding.digests.SHA1

More digest implementations (specifically the SHA2 family of digests) are planned for a future release.

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