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dojo/when transparently applies callbacks to values and/or promises as well as converts foreign promises to native ones.


dojo/when is designed to make it easier to merge coding of synchronous and asynchronous threads. Accepts promises but also transparently handles non-promises. If no callbacks are provided returns a promise, regardless of the initial value. Also, foreign promises are converted.

If callbacks are provided and the initial value is not a promise, the callback is executed immediately with no error handling. Returns a promise if the initial value is a promise, or the result of the callback otherwise.


Usage is straight forward and similar to dojo/promise/Promise::then() method.

require(["dojo/when"], function(when){
  when(someValue, function(value){
    // do something when resolved
  }, function(err){
    // do something when rejected
  }, function(update){
    // do something on progress
Argument Type Description
valueOrPromise Mixed Either a value or a promise
callback Function? Optional The function that should be called back when the promise is fulfilled, or will be called immediately if valueOrPromise is not a promise.
errback Function? Optional The function that should be called when a promise is rejected.
progback Function? Optional The function that should be called when a promise provides progress.


In this example, we demonstrate how we can handle both a synchronous and asynchronous process with the same code, by using when.

require(["dojo/when", "dojo/Deferred", "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/domReady!"],
function(when, Deferred, dom, on){
  function asyncProcess(){
    var deferred = new Deferred();

    }, 1000);

    return deferred.promise;

  function syncProcess(){
    return "sync";

  function outputValue(value){
    dom.byId("output").innerHTML += "<br/>completed with value: " + value;

  on(dom.byId("startButton"), "click", function(){
    when(asyncProcess(), outputValue);
    when(syncProcess(), outputValue);

<div id="output"></div>
<button type="button" id="startButton">Start</button>

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