dojo/text is an AMD plugin that loads arbitrary string data from a file and returns it. It is the replacement for dojo/cache() from earlier versions of Dojo. Essentially the loader will load a text resource and return it as an argument to the callback function of a define() or require().


Usage require supplying the resource URL to load after the !. This URL can be expressed in relative terms and will assume a root of the Dojo base by default:

require(["dojo/text!something.html"], function(something){
        // something = contents of something.html

In particular, dojo/text is used to load Dijit templates, for example:

define(["dojo/_base/declare", "dijit/_Widget", "dojo/text!dijit/templates/Dialog.html"],
function(declare, _Widget, template){

  return declare(_Widget, {
    templateString: template


Loads and displays helloworld.html.

require(["dojo/text!/dojo/helloworld.html", "dojo/dom-construct", "dojo/domReady!"],
function(helloworld, domConst){, "output");
<div id="output"></div>

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