Authors:Kris Zyp
Project owner:Kris Zyp

dojo/store/DataStore is an adapter for using Dojo DataStores with an object store consumer. This store allows the developer to convert existing datastores to implement the new Dojo Object Store API.


require(["dojo/data/ItemFileWriteStore", "dojo/store/DataStore"], function(ItemFileWriteStore, DataStore){
    datastore = new ItemFileWriteStore({url:"data.json"});

    store = new DataStore({store: datastore});

        // use the query results returned from the server

Method Mapping

With the DataStore store, store methods should intuitively map to DataStore API methods:

Method Functionality
get(id) This will do a datastore.fetchItemByIdentity({identity: id}).
query(query, options) This will do a datastore.fetch({query: query}, options).
remove(id) This will first do a datastore.fetchItemByIdentity({identity: id}) followed by a datastore.deleteItem(item).
put(object, options) This will do a datastore.newItem(object) while respecting the options parameter.
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