dojo.rpc.RpcService is the base class for RPC services. Currently it uses SMD v.1 descriptors, it will eventually be replaced by dojox.rpc.Service which uses SMD v.2 as described on the SMD proposal document.

This class provide SMD v.1 parsing facilities as well as all hooks to implement RPC services.

Dojo ships in with a JSON RPC Service and a JSONP RPC Service.


var svc = new dojo.rpc.[ImplementingClass](args)

var methodDeferred = svc.declaredMethod(declaredArg);
Parameter Type Description
args Object|String|URL If args is a String or an URL, its location is fetched and treated as JSON describing the SMD. If it is an object and contains a smdStr property, it is passed to eval to get the SMD, otherwise we assume that it is an SMD object.

SMD format

Here is an example SMD v.1 as expected by dojo.rpc.

var smd = {
  serviceUrl: '', // Adress of the RPC service end point
  timeout: 1000, // Only used if an object is passed to the constructor (!)
  // Only used if an object is passed to the constructor (!)
  // if true, parameter count of each method will be checked against the
  // length of its description's 'parameters' attribute
  strictArgChecks: true,
  // Methods descriptions
  methods: [
     name: 'add',
     // Array of parameters
     // Currently, only its size is used, name & type
     // are ignored
     parameters: [
         name: 'p1',
         type: 'INTEGER'
         name: 'p2',
         type: 'INTEGER'

This SMD describes a single method, add, with two parameters. If add is called with less than two parameters, an error is thrown. The way method name and parameters are transmitted to the end point depends on the service type

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