Authors:Peter Higgins, Nikolai Onken, Marcus Reimann, Jared Jurkiewicz
Developers:Bryan Forbes, Peter Higgins, Eugene Lazutkin, Bill Keese, Adam Peller, Alex Russell, Dylan Schiemann, sjmiles

This function is a helper function that wraps the dojo/_base/fx::animateProperty() function to provide an easy interface to sliding a node from its current position to a new position on the page. While this can be done with the animateProperty() function, this function is simpler to use and will handle 99% of the cases a wipe-out is desired.

NOTE: This function works best on absolutely positioned nodes.


Basic usage requires the node being moved, the top and left coordinates and the units:

require(["dojo/fx"], function(coreFx){
    node: "someNode",
    top: "40",
    left: "50",
    units: "px"

The function configuration hash can take the other properties of dojo/_base/fx::animateProperty() <dojo/_base/fx#animateproperty>.

The slideTo() function returns an instance of dojo/_base/fx::Animation. To start the slide, call the .play() function on the Animation. This object can be used with other Dojo animation functions, such as dojo/fx::chain() and dojo/fx::combine() to link it with other effects to perform complex animations.


This example allows you to slide a node to the left or the right by 200 pixels.

require(["dojo/fx", "dojo/dom", "dojo/dom-geometry", "dojo/on", "dojo/domReady!"],
function(coreFx, dom, domGeom, on){

  function slideIt(amt){
      node: "basicNode",
      top: domGeom.getMarginBox("basicNode").t.toString(),
      left: (domGeom.getMarginBox("basicNode").l + amt).toString(),
      unit: "px"

  on(dom.byId("slideRightButton"), "click", function(){
  on(dom.byId("slideLeftButton"), "click", function(){
<button type="button" id="slideLeftButton">Slide It Left!</button>
<button type="button" id="slideRightButton">Slide It Right!</button>
<br />
<br />
<div style="width: 100%; height: 120px;">
  <div id="basicNode" style="width: 100px; height: 100px; background-color: red; position: absolute;"></div>

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