Authors:Kris Zyp
Project owner:Kris Zyp
since:V1.6 is an adapter for using the new Dojo Object Stores with Dojo Data consumers. This adapter takes an object store and implements the Dojo Data API (Read, Write, Identity, and Notification).


The ObjectStore is very simple to use, you simply provide a object store to the constructor (in the objectStore property of the first argument) and you can use this data store with any Dojo Data compliant widget or other consumer.


var objectStore = new{target:"/Table/"});

var dataStore = new{objectStore: objectStore});

// we can now use dataStore with any legacy Dojo Data consumer
var grid = new{
  store: dataStore,

Implementation Notes

ObjectStore’s logic for the fetch function assumes that if the given query is an object, it is a map of key/value pairs. It then proceeds to create regular expressions out of each value in the map, but makes the original value available via the toString method. This means that for a implementation to operate successfully when run through the adapter, one of two things must be true of the’s query implementation for handling query objects:

  • it must be capable of handling values in the object as regular expressions (e.g. by way of
  • (or) it must call toString (perhaps implicitly) on each value (e.g. by way of encodeURIComponent).
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