Authors:Doug Hays
Developers:Doug Hays

DataList is a read-only data store that processes inline OPTION tags as data items. This store implements the new Dojo Object Store API. The DataList store is also a synchronous store. All the functions directly return results, so you don’t have to use asynchronous callbacks in your code.


HTML5 markup

require(["dojo/parser", "dijit/form/DataList", "dijit/registry", "dojo/domReady!"],
function(parser, DataList, registry){
    var store = registry.byId('fruit');
    alert('fruit that start with "B" = ' + store.query({name:/^B.*/}).map(function(option){ return option.name; }));
<select data-dojo-type="dijit/form/DataList" id="fruit">
    <option value="Ap">Apples</option>
    <option value="Ba">Bananas</option>
    <option value="Bl">Blueberries</option>
    <option value="Or">Oranges</option>
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