How to release

Let’s make some magic together.

Creating a Dojo Release/RC/Beta

  1. Log into your shell account at <username>

  2. git clone

  3. Run util/buildscripts/ -c -b <branch> -u <username> <version>, where:

    -c should be used ONLY if you want to include a build for CDN (e.g. final release)

    -b <branch> is the branch to use as the source for the release (e.g. 1.7). If unspecified, the master branch will be used

    -u <username> is your Dojo Foundation username. If unspecified, auto-loading to the downloads server will be unavailable

    <version> is the version number for the new release (e.g. 1.7.1rc1)

  4. Follow the prompts

  5. Update with the new version information. If it’s a new major release, make sure to list the previous release under “Releases”.

  6. If it is a new release of the current latest release branch, update too.

  7. If you have access to publish on npm, check out the tag for the dojo package and npm publish.

  8. Add new version and milestone numbers to Trac.

  9. Bulk move all open tickets to the next release number in Trac.

  10. Send an email to dojo-contributors and dojo-interest mailing lists. If possible, include a picture of a puppy or something.

  11. Send an email to your friendly CDN manager asking them to copy over the new CDN build.

  12. Celebrate!

Creating a new DTK branch (for new major versions)

After performing the normal release, for each repo:

  1. Run git checkout -b x.x where x.x is the new major version
  2. git push -u origin x.x to push the new branch upstream
  3. git checkout master
  4. Update all the versioned files with the new major version of the next release; see VERSION_FILES in util/buildscripts/ for a list of versioned files in each repo
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