Build Transform hasFindAll

Author:Rawld Gill


Finds all has.js tests and optionally reports feature test usage as part of the build report.


This transform scans a resource for has.js feature tests of the form

has(" feature-name ")

A regular expression is used to effect the scanning. The expression ignores spaces around the parenthesis and accepts either single- or double-quotes. The character preceding the “has” function name must not be in [\w\.].

As feature tests are discovered, the module in which they reside is memorized. If the profile property hasReport is truthy, then a map from has feature test to the list of modules that use each test is written to the build report.

Profile Knobs

hasReport (default = undefined)
  • [truthy] A report of all has tests and their locations is written in the build report.
  • [falsy] No has location report is written.

Source Location


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