Expanding dojo.provide calls


Expands dojo.provide calls with faster calls at the expense of a larger file size in built layers.


The Dojo Build provides a mechanism for expanding dojo.provide calls within your code into faster JavaScript equivalents, avoiding expensive lookups through dojo.getObject when it is otherwise safe to assume. This is a simple toggle on a build command line or profile called “expandProvide”, and defaults to ‘false’.


Only use the option if your profiling reveals that dojo.provide calls are taking a noticeable amount of time. It replaces dojo.provide(“foo.bar”) statements with the shortest valid programmatic equivalent:

if(typeof foo=="undefined"){foo={};};foo.bar=foo.bar||{};

Simply pass the parameter as a command line argument:

~/dojo/util/buildscripts $ ./build.sh action=release expandProvide=true version=1.3.0 profile=standard

Or mix the option into your profile:

dependencies = {
    // expand dojo.provide calls
    expandProvide: true,

    // rest of profile:
    layers: [{ /* ... */ }],
    prefixes: [
        [ "dijit", "../dijit" ],
        [ "dojox", "../dojox" ]
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