Learn more about AMD!

If you’ve been reading about Dojo 1.7, the first thing you’re probably wondering is, what is this AMD thing that everyone is talking about? We have a great tutorial update in the works, and some in progress AMD docs. If you’re first learning about AMD, here are a few presentations and resources that are particularly useful:

For efficiently loading modules, Dojo 1.7 by default includes a new async loader based on Rawld Gill’s excellent work on the backdraft framework. Dojo can also be used with RequireJS, curl.js, or other AMD loaders.

5 thoughts on “Learn more about AMD!

  1. Hi Dylan,

    Can we have some tutorials for showing the way new improved modules i.e. AMD, has.js work. The documentation for them is much better than before but with so much chunk ofinformation in documentation format is very confusing. It would be really great if we can get a tutorial series for new modules especially AMD.


    Yogesh Edekar

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