Dojo Web Builder Source on GitHub

Last month we launched the Dojo Web Builder, an online solution to generate customised versions of The Dojo Toolkit using just your web browser. We are pleased to announce that the technology behind the Dojo Web Builder is now available on Github as an official Dojo Foundation project.

Users can now run the tool locally, which provides access to two really important features….

  • Generate custom Dojo builds for older versions of the Dojo Toolkit. The Web Builder can be easily configured to work with older versions of the toolkit, whereas the hosted version only provides access to the latest version of Dojo. This allows users who aren’t using the latest version of Dojo within their application to generate customised builds with the tool.
  • Expose custom application modules through the Web Builder. Plug your local Dojo modules into the Web Builder and the tool will automatically allow users to build optimised application layers from all modules it has discovered.

Follow the simple instructions in the project’s README file for full details on both of these modes.

Visit the Dojo Web Builder GitHub project and start using it today!

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