Dojo Foundation provides €500 match to assist development of UglifyJS 2.0

Today, the Dojo Foundation board voted to approve a €500 match to the jQuery Foundation’s financial grant to the developer of UglifyJS, Mihai Bazon.

This grant is being provided to help speed development of the next major version of the open-source UglifyJS code compression library, which is a significant rewrite designed to provide better extensibility for new features like source maps and more aggressive compression methods. (UglifyJS is planned to be the replacement for ShrinkSafe in Dojo 2.0.) We’re very excited to be able to provide additional assistance to this extremely important project, and hope that others will be inspired to pitch in as well. Together, we can do amazing things!

3 thoughts on “Dojo Foundation provides €500 match to assist development of UglifyJS 2.0

    1. Closure Compiler currently results in a more optimized build, but requires Java and takes quite a bit longer to run. To get a build running with Node.js and not Java, UglifyJS is the best option. For 2.0, we’ll support both Closure Compiler and UglifyJS, and discontinue ShrinkSafe.

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