6 thoughts on “Dojo 1.8.0rc1 released

  1. Hi All,
    I am looking for a 1.8 Release Notes reference. I would interested to know the following:
    1: what has changed since 1.7? — yes I did see the London video
    2: what will change in the documentation and tutorials section of this website?
    3: Is August 2012 realistic to stablize 1.8?

    I have looked I believe in the forums section and I could not see answers to these questions.

    Kind regards,

  2. Would you have a status update to share? According to this post, I was expecting v1.8 to be released in July, but I still see v1.7 as the current release.

  3. I’am currently using dojo1.9 and currently dojo form validations(mandatory fields) are not working in internet explorer where as its working perfect in chrome and ff. DO i need to do any specific fix to make them work in IE. I noticed that simple example from dojo website for form validations are also not working in IE.Please let me know how to proceed.

  4. how to slove “dojo/parser::parse() error[object Error]” error which is caught in internet explorer and unable to do dojo form validations?? Thanks.

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