Dojo 1.6 Beta 1

We’re pleased to announce the first Dojo 1.6 beta.

When Dojo 1.6 final is released in February, it will be our first release that includes a number of retrofitted, backwards-compatible, significant changes towards Dojo 2.0.

Because there are a number of changes in progress, we will also soon release Dojo 1.5.1 which includes just the most important fixes for what has been our most stable and popular release ever.

Please check out the in draft Dojo 1.6 beta release notes and the list of resolved issues for more details. Try it out, and as usual file tickets in And if you’re interested in Dojo Mobile, many significant additions and improvements have landed in trunk, with many more planned for 1.7 and 2.0.

Stay tuned in February for the Dojo 1.6 release.

6 thoughts on “Dojo 1.6 Beta 1

  1. My name is Rob Gravelle and I am a writer for, the largest Web development site on the Web. I have written a number of articles about Dojo that might interest the Dojo community. I look forward to writing about version 1.6!

    Here are a few articles that I’ve done on Dojo so far:

    Create Chained Select Boxes with the Dojo Libraries
    A Localization Primer for Dojo Dijit and Dojox Controls
    Dojo i18n: a Pure JavaScript Localization Solution
    Take Your Web Forms to the Next Level with Dojo
    Using the Dojo Framework to Build Custom HTML Widgets

    I specialize in Dojo-based Web development. People can contact me for projects via my [email protected] email.


    Rob Gravelle

  2. Code is complete, we’re just working on the release logistics (CDN updates, documentation updates, etc.). It should happen this week.

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