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Checkstyle is a command line tool that generates a report of all JavaScript files that violate the Dojo code style guidelines. It also includes an interactive online tool to automatically fix most style guide issues.

Usage of Command Line

Open a command window in the util/checkstyle folder. The commands listed below all use ‘’‘checkstyle.bat’‘’, which is for MS Windows, but users of Linux and Macs can use ‘’‘checkstyle.sh’‘’.

Run Checkstyle on all Dojo folders


Run Checkstyle on a specific folder

checkstyle.bat dir=dijit/form

Run Checkstyle on a custom namespace

checkstyle.bat dir=myCustomNs

Show Checkstyle help

checkstyle help

Usage of Online Tool

The Checkstyle Online Tool can be used to look at the style guide violations and to fix them. Open the file util/checkstyle/checkstyleReport.html, which will display the errors to be fixed. Note that this file should be opened using a web server, and not from the file system, as browser security issues will cause problems if loaded from the file system.

Checkstyle Tool
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